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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How much is the Stair-Template™ Model 7?
A. Please call us direct 1-908-233-2600 for a current list price.

Q. Is this like the old Rockler or Porter Cable stair template?
A. Yes, with multiple improvements and manufactured using modern day equipment.
A. Yes, but made from aluminum instead of heavy cast iron and with larger rise/run capacity.

Q. What adjustments does it have?
A. There are three different nose lengths (step overhang).
A. There are four different cam followers and locking nut enabling you to vary the tread thickness.
A. Infinite rise/run combinations with a maximum run of 16".

Q. Does it come with instructions?
A. Yes, complete with photos.

Q. Can I pick one up at your facility?
A. Yes.  We even offer a discount for local pickup at our facility in NJ.

Q. How do I use this to build stairs in my house?
A. This tool is for use by professionals not by home owners.
A. If you are a home owner and would like to build one set of stair for your house call us directly 908-233-2600 and we will give you the name of a local stair builder.  It will be cheaper and faster than trying to build stairs yourself.

Q. Can you tell me how to build stairs with this template?
A. No, we are machine builders, not stair builders.  We comprehend the process of stair building but lack the years of experience of a stair builder or master carpenter.









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